Irish Manufacturing Research

Positioning Ireland as global leaders in Advanced Manufacturing

Irish Manufacturing Research

Positioning Ireland as global leaders in Advanced Manufacturing

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“Static Hydro Energy (SHE) Ltd is an Irish company involved in the utilization of waste compressed air. Our completed prototype demonstrated how waste compressed air could be used to generate electricity in a novel and unique way. However, we did not possess any hard data pertaining to the availability of waste compressed air in Ireland. Following a recommendation from Enterprise Ireland, we approached Irish Manufacturing Research seeking their assistance. Using the well-established skill set, IMR have, in effect, acted as a “one stop shop” for us. From the onset, their total commitment was both a surprise and a pleasure to witness. IMR’s level of engagement and enthusiasm for our project instilled an increased confidence in our team.”

Owen Mc Elroy, MD


“GreenMode Methods ® allowed us to understand our factories consumption to a level we did not think possible. It gave us a detailed insight into our product systems and more importantly pointed to where we could improve by changing equipment consumption behaviours through appropriate risk analysis. In addition, it allowed us to engage our supply chain for further improvements”

Dr. Niall Aughney

“As one of the founding members of ICMR, now part of Advanced Manufacturing Ireland initiative, Pfizer has been instrumental in helping shape and inform the research themes and in particular has played a key role in informing and piloting solutions to maintain this leading workforce performance through the Tacit Knowledge research program. At the Grangecastle biopharmaceutical manufacturing site, we have piloted the Workplace Knowledge System (WKS), a user-focused platform for the sharing of tacit formal knowledge in an enterprise environment. Results to date have been exceedingly positive in terms of both user feedback and impacts on Key Performance Indicators through faster and easier access to knowledge”.

Pat Field, Network Performance Leader


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