European Connectivity

IMR & Europe

We are currenntly leading several European initiatives in Ireland and is a key contact point for companies seeking to connect with European manufacturing research for knowledge, expertise and project funding opportunities. We’ve helped companies connect and win projects and funding in a range of European mechanisms and networks. 


The 14MS initiative (ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs) of the European Commission is one of the European networks and has started its Phase 1 in July 2013 and continued with Phase 2 in autumn 2015 (total funding nearly 110 M EUR) with the aim to support SMEs and mid-caps in the manufacturing sector along three dimensions: 

  • Provide access to competences that can help in assessing, planning and mastering the digital transformation.
  • Provide access to innovation networks of a broad spectrum of competences and best practice examples.
  • Provide financial support to SMEs and mid-caps on the demand and the supply side to master the digital transformation.

Be in CPPS

We are part of a select EU network of I4MS – Regional Manufacturing Digital Innovation Hubs that provide a one-stop-shop for manufacturing companies to access all of the supports they need to become ready for the next generation of digital manufacturing. This initiative has significant pan European reach, in areas such as data analytics, optimisation, cobotics and Industry 4.0.


We are the first Irish member of the euRobotics PPP which is the forefront of Robotics research for technology and applications in manufacturing.


We are also members of the EFFRA group, and on several industrially focused sub-committees (including H2020 roadmap development) 


We are also on the High-Level Group for Manufacturing in ManuFuture which helps steer the research prioritisation for EU funding into the medium-long term.

AM Platform

We are also members of AM Platform, the leading PPP in Additive Manufacturing & 3D printing and helping to embed Irish based manufacturers into project consortia in this disruptive technology sector.


We are also members of EARTO (the European Association of Research Technology Organisations) recognised as an independent RTO in the Irish State.

We are also part of the AVM KIC program development with the EIT and is a founding partner of the northern EU development group in advancing EU funding mechanisms in manufacturing in Ireland. We offer membership packs for SMEs and MNCs within Advanced Manufacturing Ireland (AMI), which includes direct feedback from opportunities arising from these activities, as well as focused access to consortia of interest and high impact applications and input to relevant road mapping activities for H2020 and beyond.

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