BT Young Scientist & Technology’s 52nd exhibition had a total of 4,449 students from 396 schools across the island of Ireland submit projects which is a record number. The successful entrants will get the opportunity to showcase their innovative projects over the next 2 days.

Barry Kennedy CEO Irish Manufacturing Research is judging in the technology category which has a total of 338 entries, 857 entries in the social and behavioural sciences category, 539 in the biological and ecological sciences, and 314 in the chemical, physical and mathematical sciences category. BT Ireland says the gender split among entrants this year is 62 per cent female and 38 per cent male.

This event is a fantastic platform for young talented students to develop their ideas and bring them to life on a national stage. The number of entries shows continued growth and interest in STEM.

The winner(s) of the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition, to be announced on Friday, will be presented with a cheque for €5,000, the opportunity to represent Ireland at the 28th European Union Young Scientist competition taking place in Brussels and the BTYSTE perpetual trophy.

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