Data Analytics on Manufacturing Site Network Day


Irish Manufacturing Research held their 1st Network day of 2018 on the 19th of April, over 40 people attended the “Data Analytics” event hosted by Joe Devlin and the team at Boston Scientific, Cork.  Our network day offers peer to peer engagement and the opportunity to share experiences in best practices. The main focus was on Data Analytics on a Manufacturing Site. An organisation that is data-driven allows manufacturers to gain a competitive advantage by analyzing information to improve the various process in production, logistics, and supply-chain management.  Furthermore, presentations were delivered by Boston Scientific, Cisco, Enterprise Ireland, Glanbia, IBM, and Optel.  The popular IMR workshop activity helped access a wealth of data analytic case studies and learnings for the participants. Irish Manufacturing Research Dr. Fergus Quilligan presented an overview of the IDAF project.


The IMR Industrial Data Analytics Framework (IDAF) Initiative which is an industry driven project funded by Enterprise Ireland aims to provide:

1.A framework that can help assess current analytics capabilities, the value that can be immediately gained from data, and inform next steps

2.A range of analytics work completed in representative manufacturing companies that can be used as exemplars to facilitate company investment

3. A network, a community of practice for Industrial Data analytics

  • Help build confidence and learn from each other

The presentations from the day are available to all IMR members.  For more information please contact

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