Mr Joaquim Menezes, Chairman of EFFRA and Dr Andrew Lynch, Chief Innovation Officer, IMR.

IMR Welcomes New Chairman-Elect to EFFRA Role

Joaquim Menezes has been appointed Chairman of the EFFRA (European Factories of the Future Research Association), the largest PPP in the European research landscape.  Mr. Menezes was ratified at the recent EFFRA General Assembly and brings with him considerable industry and research experience.  He is also Chairman of the Ibermoldes SGPS in Portugal and is a member of several manufacturing platforms including the ManuFuture HLG.  Andrew Lynch (IMR) met with Mr. Menezes to outline Ireland’s strategic manufacturing objectives.  “Joaquim brings excellent leadership qualities to his new role,” said Andrew Lynch after this meeting “He has a solid perspective on what industry partners need to effectively leverage EU funding mechanisms, to continue to drive European leadership in this key economic sector.  Mr. Menezes is well known in European circles and is very aware of the challenges arising in countries like Ireland.  For more information on engaging in EU research programs from an industrial perspective, please contact

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