IMR Dr Andrew Lynch attended the 15th Anniversary ManuFuture HLG meeting

On the 8th of November, the ManuFuture High-Level Group (HLG) celebrated its 15th anniversary with the launch of its Vision 2030 policy document, in Milan.  ManuFuture has had a fundamental impact in the area of manufacturing in Europe, has given rise to the largest European PPP (EFFRA) and its related platform initiatives.  The HLG is charged with providing strategic direction to the ManuFuture program and to deliver practical policy vision documents for manufacturing on the European trading block.  The meeting was opened by President Heinrich Flegel and was addressed by a number of luminaries in the European manufacturing world, such as Jurgen Tiedje (Head of Digital Growth for the European Union) and Sandro Salmoiraghi (President of the Federation of Associations of Manufacturers of Capital Goods).  The vision document launched in Milan, outlines the results of a three-year process for the HLG, to provide a vision for the future of manufacturing in Europe for the next decade and beyond.  Particular reference was made to the opportunities for Europe, in the context of significant challenges from global powers, such as China and the US. Andrew Lynch, Chief Innovation Officer with IMR, has been the Irish Delegate to the HLG group for the past six years and played an active part in the development of the latest policy document, providing an Irish perspective to the process.  If you’d like to learn more about the Manufuture program, the HLG activities, or ManuFuture Vision 2030, please contact or see


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