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Innovation Keynote to Jazz Pharma

IMR keynote on Innovation at Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Jim Kelly, our Innovation Director was invited by Jazz Pharmaceuticals to present ‘’Innovation:  A High-Tech Perspective”.  The presentation went down extremely well and drew from Jim’s experience in Irish Manufacturing Research and previously as Innovation Director with Intel, Citibank, and Accenture.  Jim reviewed the High-Tech Innovator’s approach to innovation covering Apple, Google, Amazon, IBM, and Intel and concluded there is no silver bullet, no single pathway to successful innovation.  The presentation then went on to cover how to map innovation strategies to the strategic problem you are trying to solve, doing a deep dive on Basic Research, Breakthrough Innovation, Disruptive Innovation and Sustaining Innovation strategies.

Jim concluded by sharing IMR’s innovation matrix and highlighting the 30+ Academic partnerships, our disruptive approach through experimenting with co-botics (collaborative robotics) and AR/VR, leveraging our applied research to understand how advanced data analytics, AI, and machine learning can help manufacturers today, improve scheduling, equipment maintenance, and real-time training and finished with an overview of our open innovation facility in Mullingar, our Intelligent Production Lab. The presentation gave Jazz Pharmaceuticals abroad alternative view to innovation and spawned a lively and enthusiastic discussion.

For more information contact info@imr.ie


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