Andrew Lynch, Chief Innovation Officer with IMR, has been the Irish Delegate to the High-Level Group (HLG) for the past six years and played an active part in the development of the latest policy document, providing an Irish perspective to the process. The 32nd ManuFuture HLG Meeting was held in Brussels, on the 18th of March 2019, and the HLG used this event to formally launch their 2030 Policy document.  This policy document is the result of work by the HLG over the past 2 years and outlines a vision for manufacturing in the EU over the next decade and beyond.  The HLG is charged with providing strategic direction to the ManuFuture program and to deliver practical policy vision documents for manufacturing on the European trading block.  The meeting was opened by President Heinrich Flegel and addressed by a number of dignitaries including Zeljko Palin (CEO of EFFRA) and George Chyrssolouris (University of Padras), who is leading the latest Innovation Community in Manufacturing (EIT-Manufacturing).     If you’d like to learn more about the Manufuture program, the HLG activities, or ManuFuture Vision 2030, please contact us or for more information visit

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