National Cobotics Committee Meeting


On Tuesday 7th of March, Andrew Lynch (Chief Innovation Officer, IMR) chaired the fourth National Cobotics Steering Committee Meeting, held in the SAP Business Objects Office in Citywest Dublin.  Attendees included the following organisations; KUKA, Pilz, SAP, Rockwell, NSAI, Ward Automation, Hanley Automation, Somex Automation, Viska, ABB, Schivo Group, ITS, Advanced Manufacturing Ireland, RD Services, UCD, DCU, and Enterprise Ireland.  Two sub-groups reported out progress updates to the Committee, one on standardisation in Cobotics in Ireland and the second on a potential implementation pilot program.  Both initiatives are being developed, to facilitate greater understanding and engagement, for Irish manufacturing companies, in the whole Collaborative Robotics space.  If you would like additional information on the work of this National Forum, please contact Andrew directly, at

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