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The national steering committee for Cobotics met in the IMR facility in Mullingar on December 11th. The meeting coincided with the Minister for Business, Enterprise, and Innovation, Heather Humphreys’ announcement of significant funding for the proposed Cobotics and VR footprint in the IMR facility in Mullingar. The committee welcomed the investment and the progress made across this area in the past 18 months and is now turning its focus on generating a pilot line experience that can significantly impact manufacturing plants across the island of Ireland. As always, the meeting was made up of practitioners for industry, academia, state agencies and interested parties, including Pilz, NSAI, Viska, HSA, ITS, Sligo IT, ABB, KUKA, Rockwell Automation, RD Services, DCU, ICBE, Irish Manufacturing Research, Socrates Training Solutions, Cameron, Ward Automation, IDA, and Enterprise Ireland. The Chairman of the Steering Committee, Andrew Lynch (IMR) said: “We welcome the investment announced by Minister Humphreys this morning, it shows the importance she is placing on new innovative technologies being taken up in an effective manner by our manufacturing community”. For further information on the activities of the National Steering Committee on Cobotics, please contact andrew.lynch@imr.ie

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