Our Research

Irish Manufacturing Research is at the cutting edge of these inflection points working with industry to drive the successful integration of these changes to manufacturers. Under Manufacturing 4.0 the introduction of next generation technologies is allowing for very complex connection of everything on the factory floor (the internet of things) and through a shade risk model and pilot line demonstrators, develop, text and implement new designs of sensors, gateways, data analytics, automation and robotics.

Taking the area of additive technologies the centre is researching the needs of industry, identifying the opportunities, defining the research agenda, manufacturing parts, and testing validating the readiness of 3D printers for mainstream manufacturing from current proto-typing usage models.

Manufacturing industries are faced with significant paradigm shifts with the advent of the 4th industrial revolution. The introduction of game changing ways to design and manufacture products such as Additive Manufacturing, Collaberative Robotics, Industrial IoT, and others.

Industrial Energy Efficiency

The Irish Manufacturing Research Centre carries out world-class research into sustainable future energy systems in manufacturing facilities. It is a focal point of Ireland’s energy research and a gateway between Ireland and the international energy research communities. Our interdisciplinary, whole systems research informs Irish policy development and research strategy.

The Irish Manufacturing Research Centre brings together leading experts from the energy industry to provide vital insight into the energy-related issues facing the manufacturing industry today, helping to define the energy landscape for the future. Irish Manufacturing Research brings together people and ideas. It enables funding and training and delivers creative solutions.

Energy research at Irish Manufacturing Research is distributed across many disciplines and covers supply, conversion and demand side management, including socio-economic, technology, and policy. The complexity of the energy challenge facing Ireland and Europe requires systems level thinking, drawing on the breadth of our capabilities from system integration, system optimisation (Chilled Water, HVAC, Water, Nitrogen, Production), and data visualisation. Irish Manufacturing Research conducts world-class energy research ranging from fundamental research and development through to the deployment of innovative technologies. The research staff at Irish Manufacturing Research have extensive research and industrial collaboration experience, bridging the gap between academia and industry.

With the recent energy transition trends in Europe, we are committed to work with our clients to develop and deliver new research-based innovative energy solutions for the sustainable growth of the manufacturing community in Ireland.