Chilled Water Optimisation

The tool continually optimises chilled water by responding to real-time building loads and changing ambient and occupancy conditions. It also acts as a measurement and verification platform to track energy projects associated with the chilled water optimisation.

15-30% energy savings

Energy & Environmental Data Visualisation

M + V (measuring & verifying savings)

KPIs (Key tracking performance)

Why optimise Chilled Water Optimisation

Ireland has one of the most expensive utility (Electricity, Gas & Oil) costs in Europe, manufacturing companies are constantly looking to reduce costs to become more competitive, however Energy Efficiency is still the simplest most cost effective way of reducing energy costs.

“As the saying goes the cheapest unit of energy is the one that you don’t use.”

Chilled Water Optimisation are one of the most significant energy users in manufacturing facilities, a recent survey carried out amongst manufacturing companies showed that 20% of energy consumed in a factory was apportioned to chilled water.

Typical Manufacturing Facility

  • Process Equipment 50%
  • Chilled Water System 20%
  • Air Handling 10%
  • Nitrogen Plant 9%
  • Compressed Air 5%
  • DI/UPW Waste 4%
  • Lighting 2%

Irish Manufacturing Research Chilled Water Project

The chilled water project focusses on 3 main optimisation strategies that can work in unison or in isolation depending on system configuration:

  •  Chiller Sequencing and Load Balancing
  • Demand side control
  • Cooling Tower Optimisation

The project utilises the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) by using an embedded gateway to acquire data from multiple sources over known industry protocols, which is transferred securely to the IMR cloud solution when the Optimisation engine selects the most efficient operation sequence. The sequence is then passed back through the embedded device direct to the control system of the chilled water optimisation components.

Progress to Date

There are two pilots sites involved with the project, the first a SME Pharmaceuticial plant where a low cost Internet of things (IOT) Energy monitoring solution was installed to demonstrate the utilisation of an Industrial gateway to integrate multiple industrial systems using different protocols to provide the client a complete visualisation of the Chilled Water Optimisation.

The second pilot site a large medicial device manufacturing site with an 8 megawatt Chilled water optimisation where it is running simutaneously with the current control strategy gathering real time data and producing an optimal control philophosy.

The control aspect of the tool is due to be completed Q2 this year with the overall project due for completion in Q4 2017.

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