Data Analytics

Irish Manufacturing Research Analytics Group

The Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) Centre carries out world-class research into embedded and applied analytics, delivering real value to our partners and clients. A key aspect of our work is to take technologies that have been demonstrated academically, and develop them further so that they cross the so-called “Valley of Death” and deliver tangible results in real environments.

IMR holds workshops in industrial analytics with SMEs and multinationals, participates in research and development projects at a national and an EU level, and is a focal point for all manufacturing research in Ireland. IMR also informs national policy and hosts a National Steering Committee for Manufacturing 4.0.

Irish Manufacturing Research’s Expertise

IMR has carried out extensive research and many deployments in the domain of analytics, both in terms of the technologies used and the supporting systems and cultures required to enable these technologies to be maintainable solutions within real manufacturing environments. IMR has engineers with experience across multiple manufacturing sectors – semiconductor, pharma, medical devices, heavy engineering, biomed, solar, food, energy, packaging etc.

Examples of analytics technologies used, projects completed & expertise available:

  • Predictive Maintenance Solutions for various machines
  • Simulation – delivered planning tools for line planning & both machine and resource simulation
  • Optimisation – delivered optimisation solutions to multiple companies – developed Greybox scheduling tool
  • Data Visualisation – interactive visualisation of e.g. mfg floor activities, dealing with live data streams from sensors
  • Root cause analytics – analysing an area of a line to determine causes of scrap and implementing fix – new sensors & new SPC limits
  • Sensorisation – Implementations of IoT sensors based on needs assessment, automated data cleansing, filtering, aggregation at the edge, and upload of data to central systems for analysis
  • Other areas under investigation include factory level modelling, image analytics and supply chain

Developing roadmaps

As well as participating in world class research and solution development, IMR is also heavily engaged in helping industries develop out their own roadmaps in terms of analytics solutions and what suits their particular circumstances. Many industries have different needs and get value for different types of analytics and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

It is important in this process to start with business value – every step taken should bring value to your company. Here at IMR we can walk through that process and advise on the best place to start for your organisation. For example, you cannot get value from a complex analytics system unless you have correct data available, so IMR adopts the following process:


Business understanding

Walk the factory line and look at what the goal is in terms of the business value, along with making sure to understand the process variables and constraints.

Data Acquisition

Identify the data to gather and a means to acquire it.

Data Visualisation

Observe the data and develop a visualisation to aid learning from the current data.

Data Analysis

Analyse the data – this can be many things:

  • Data mining
  • Process control
  • Simulation
  • Optimisation
  • Machine learning

Data Integration

Integrate the solutions within your own environment for an automated solution.

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