Energy in Production Systems

Green Mode Methods® is a tool based on a structured risk-based methodology that enables companies to reduce energy costs by identifying reduction opportunities on production systems

Quick Facts

Up to 59% savings achieved


Targets Non-Value Add Energy


Zero Risk to Production KPIs

Map the energy use down to machine level

Understand the energy intensity per product

Production lines

Production lines are the dominant consumer of electricity within a manufacturing facility. Reducing energy on production systems is difficult, as there is significant reluctance to interfere with the production process due to perceived risks to factory KPI’s.

Why Production Systems

  • Production Systems 50%
  • Chilled Water System 20%
  • Air Handling 10%
  • Nitrogen Plant 9%
  • Compressed Air 5%
  • Lighting 2%
  • Process Water 3%

How GreenMode Methods® Works

  • A structured approach to looking for utility consumption and opportunity
  • Applicable to utility categories such as electricity, water, and gas
  • Focus on investigating how a site utility category translates down on a factory floor:
    • Follows the data
    • If the data isn’t there, drives processes to collect it
    • Provides a framework in which energy improvements can be developed

Green Mode Methods® allows companies to understand

  • Their current energy usage map
  • Boundaries such as critical settings on systems and tools
  • Key metrics
  • Risk associated with energy projects on production systems

“Green Mode Methods® allowed us to understand our factories consumption to a level we did not think possible. It gave us a detailed insight into our product systems and more importantly pointed to where we could improve by changing equipment consumption behaviours through appropriate risk analysis. In addition, it allowed us to engage our supply chain for further improvements.”

Dr Niall Aughney

Intel Ireland

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