Manufacturing 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the term given to the current era of technologically driven upheaval through which we are living. There is a recognition that what we are experiencing will lead to fundamental changes in economics, society, politics and indeed manufacturing. While there is growing consensus that we are living through a period of huge change, where that change will lead us is a lot less clear.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, like its predecessors is technologically driven and will touch all aspects of our lives, however in many way it stands alone in that it marks a change in direction. For the first time we are faced with a technology set capable of mechanising human intellectual labour. Although the temptation is to consider the Fourth Industrial Revolution as an incremental step beyond the Third, it is in fact closer related to the First in this regard. In all likelihood the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its successors, will ultimately have a greater impact, both industrially and societally, than the first 3, given the deep entanglement between our definition of humanity and our intellect.

Key impacts for manufacturing companies include Smart Factories, Supply Chain Integration and Smart Products

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