Knowledge Management

Tacit Knowledge Management System

Explicit knowledge is easy to learn, codify and communicate. It is the facts and figures of your business, the document on how things should be done, the formal training. Yet studies have shown it only makes up 30% of knowledge within the industrial environment. You can teach a person to maintain a set of machines but only their experience will make them good at it. Tacit knowledge is the experience, the better known method that beats the officially agreed best known method. Tacit knowledge is the tricks of the trade, the little touches that make a good team great and is passed between individuals verbally, if passed at all. By not catering for the tacit knowledge in your organization, you are in danger of introducing organisational inefficiencies and risks, including knowledge loss, longer and more expensive process transfers and weaker performance. 

Here at IMR we think there’s a way to capture the good stuff, the knowledge specific to the tasks found in each individual business. Once captured, we want to make it easy to refine it and share it, the information should be self organizing using the same techniques that drive social media.

Workplace Knowledge System

The Workplace Knowledge System provides a user friendly, peer-to-peer platform and experience for the sharing of tacit knowledge, Know How, Know Now® with robust security and enterprise grade integration capabilities; improving factory KPI’s such as productivity, process transfer times, training performance & equipment uptime. Workplace Knowledge System ensures that the information of interest to the engineer or technician comes from them and pushed to their colleagues.

WKS Pilots

We have deployed the Workplace Knowledge System to number of our networking partners;

  • Intel Corporation – the worlds largest PC and Server Chip maker by market share. Intel designs and manufactures its silicon based chips in some of the largest and most advanced semi conductor fabrication plants in the world.
  • Pfizer – the worlds largest research based pharmaceutical based company providing over 100 different medicines, vaccinations and consumer healthcare products that help save millions around the world every year.
  • DePuy Synthes – Offer the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of orthopedic and neuro products and services for joint reconstruction, trauma, spine, sports medicine, neuro, crano-maxillofacial, power tools and biomaterials.

If you want to hear more about WKS please contact with your contact details and we will contact you shortly.

“As one of the founding members of ICMR, now part of the Advanced Manufacturing Ireland initiative, Pfizer has been instrumental in helping shape and inform the research themes and in particular has played a key role in informing and piloting solutions to maintain this leading workforce performance through the Tacit Knowledge research program. At the Grangecastle biopharmaceutical manufacturing site, we have piloted the Workplace Knowledge System, a user-focused platform for the sharing of tacit and formal knowledge in an enterprise environment. Results to date have been exceedingly positive in terms of both user feedback and impacts on Key Performance Indicators through faster and easier access to knowledge.”

Pat Field

Network Performance Leader, Pfizer

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