Over the past few months, the Additive Manufacturing team at Irish Manufacturing Research have partnered with Renishaw Additive Manufacturing medical and dental products and nTopology inc. to develop a Spinal Cage Implant using complex lattice structures. IMR used nTopology’s generative design software to develop the complex structures necessary to control the compliance and osseointegration necessary for a Spinal Cage Implant. Using our Renishaw RenAM500 the AM team were able to quickly iterate on designs allowing for a fast handover to production on the new RenAM Quad Laser System.

Challenge: Conventional manufacturing techniques are unable to produce spinal implants with a lattice structure, which offers a high surface area to encourage migration of osteoblasts into the implant and the ability to optimise the mechanical properties of a porous volume to meet the required loading conditions.

Solution: Renishaw, IMR and nTopology joined forces to produce implants for the cervical spine (c spine) that incorporate lattice structures using AM. The project name for the implant type being Anterior, Cervical, Interbody Device, or ACID.

Full case study is available here: Case_study_Streamlining_additive_manufacturing_for_spinal_implants

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