On February 16th, John Delaney (Principle Investigator, IMR) and Andrew Lynch (Chief Innovation Officer, IMR) opened a joint engagement session with TSSG (Telecommunications, Software & Systems Group), in Waterford Institute of Technology.  The session was kindly hosted in the TSSG buildings, in the Waterford IT campus, by Eamonn Power (Senior Systems Administrator) and Eric Robson (DMSC Manager).  TSSG is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for ICT research and innovation.  They carry out a wide spectrum of industry-informed research in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), particularly technologies enabling communications and information services.  The focus of the session was to develop a platform of engagement between Irish Manufacturing Research and TSSG, and to develop stronger linkages between the two organisations in delivering practical solutions for manufacturing organisations in Ireland.

TSSG Strategic Alignment

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