IMR Webinars will be kicking off Friday the 7th September after the summer season.  Our first presentation will be on the Circular Economy in Manufacturing, Romain Couture is a sustainability researcher for IMR who specialises in this area. IMR is now focussing on this market segment in order to help Irish Manufacturers identify potential opportunities that the circular economy could bring in terms of sustainability, whether it is economic, environmental or social. Our second presentation Colin will discuss the new Irish Medtech Skillsnet and IMR programme that is designed to provide decision makers in the medical device sector with theoretical and practical information about Additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing), what it is, what technologies are available and how it can it be integrated into new and/or existing manufacturing processes. The programme will include practical workshops in the purpose-built state of the art Additive Manufacturing centre at the National science park in Mullingar. Colin is an Industrial Researcher in Additive Manufacturing in IMR.  Join us on Friday 7th September at 10.30 am.

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