World Manufacturing Forum 2018

The seventh World Manufacturing Forum (WFM 2018) was held in Villa Erba, Cernobbio, Italy from the 27-28th September 2018.  This annual congress brings together the top international influencers in global manufacturing, to discuss the future trends and requirements for the manufacturing sector at a global level.  This year’s theme “Manufacturing Revolution to Promote Global Resilience” was addressed by speakers such as Martina Keoderitz, Global Industrial Managing Director, IBM, Diego Andreis, President, Ceemet, Carlos Magarinos, Ambassador Brazil, Peter Droll, Director of Industrial Technologies, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission and Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman Carlsberg Group.  Irish Manufacturing Research represented Irish industrial interests at the forum, where Andrew Lynch and Ann O’Connell held bilateral meetings with Fraunhofer, MTC, EFFRA and DIMCC representatives to further relationships with key European decision makers.

The WMF promotes innovation and development in the manufacturing sector, with the fundamental goal of improving competitiveness in all nations through dialogue and cooperation among the manufacturing sector’s key players.

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Pictured below; Zeljko Palin, CEO EFFRA, with Andrew Lynch, Chief Innovation Officer IMR, and Patrick Kennedy, Communications Director EFFRA.v


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